Santorini and the charm of its colorful red beach

The Red Beach is located Located near the old village of Akrotiri And is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Santorini. Because they It's rather small, the red beach tends to fill up pretty quickly.

Given their fame, there are many people who come in rush hour just to admire it and never end up stepping on their black sand. The reason why it attracts so many people is because of the Red and black volcanic rock slabs That's right behind her.

The sand itself is reddish and black and always very, very hot, so the beach is full of sunbeds and parasols. It is in front of a sea of crystalline waters, Ideal for scuba diving Because of the presence of these unique and special rocks.

Location of the Red Beach

How can you get to the red beach?

For Get to the beach, you have to go through a road from parking not very suitable for cars of children or people with disabilities. The same sand is reddish and black and is a little painful to sit directly on it, because of the pebbles between the sand. Fortunately, there are a lot of sunbeds and parasols. is a very Good snorkeling area, Because of the clarity of the waters of this island.

To access the beach, you have to reach the parking lot that precedes it and Walk for about 10 minutesS. Also You can reach by sea with Caiques (Small fishing boats that are used during the summer for transportation) That depart from the ports of Akrotiri and Fira. The Playa Blanca It is also in the area, and the same caique can take you to it.

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History and pleasure are thus merged around the Red Beach, one of the many Places of obligation visit here in Santorini, the most picturesque of the Greek islands, with its characteristic white villages that overlook the emptiness from the top of the cliffs. A sweet vinsanto, from those vines that are twisted together at the ground, must always serve to toast the spectacle. The Spectacle of seeing, of gazing, of contemplating Everything that contains and envelops this island.

Santorini Red Beach (Red Beach): spectacular reddish colors
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  • Juan Alcaraz

    I would like to know how to go from Fira to the Red Beach by bus, or get as close as possible, and the distances more or less walking to reach the beach, I go in August 2 years ago I was but I went by car hire
    Waiting for your help, a greeting

    • Iñaki

      Hello, Juan

      On the website of the public buses of Santorini, that is, KTEL, you have all the timetables:

      You have to take the bus to Akrotiri and then calculate that about 15/20 minutes walk. Remember that in the red beach there is nothing to buy food or drink, there is usually at the entrance to the beach a small bar, catch water if there if you do not carry.


  • Juan Alcaraz

    Thanks for the answer, I have a doubt the bus arrives to the village of Akrotiri or from the excavations of Akrotiri

    • Iñaki

      The bus to just opposite the prehistoric Museum of Akrotiri where you will find a couple of paths that take you to the entrance to the Red Beach. The bus ride from Fira lasts about half an hour or so.

      Remember that the bus tickets are usually purchased from the bus driver and it is convenient to be a little earlier to get to the queue, which in Santorini first arrives on the bus, is the first to sit.


  • Pili

    Hhola Good afternoon, in July I cruise and stop in Santorini therefore we have very little time to visit I could recommend which are the best places to visit?? Thank you very much would be grateful for your help a greeting

    • Iñaki

      Hi Pili, I imagine you will only have one day to be on the island and also leave you in the port of Fira.

      I would say that you spend the morning in Fira, it is worth walking through its streets. If you dare, half a day I would go to take a rental car and I would go "running" to the red beach and from there to visit Oia and above all, see its sunset. Little else you can do at that time.

      If you have two days to be in Santorini, answer me in this same post and I commented more options, especially the excursion to the volcano and its hot springs.

  • Aurelio

    Hello friend I go to Santorini in May for two days I know that it is not long that I will be there, I could recommend some places to visit. And if it's easy to get to them by bus, since I don't have a driver's license. Thank you

    • Iñaki Herrero

      Hi Aurelio, the truth is that moving on the island of Santorini without a car, motorbike or quad limits you enough. The local bus network brings you closer to the main points of interest (beaches & towns) But there are things that without your own transport you will lose them.
      Anyway, two days does not give for much, so the most important thing about the island if you can see it using the local buses.
      I would visit one day in the morning the volcano, it will take you all morning and the boat to go to the volcano is caught in the fishing port of Fira. The rest of the day I would devote myself to visit Fira. The second day would go to Akrotiri and visit both the Archaeological Center and the Red Beach. In the afternoon I would go to Oia and take advantage of watching the sunset.
      All you can do by bus, take a look at the post on the web on bus travel:


    Hello Good morning! We want to spend a whole morning on the red beach and on the white beach, but we go from Perivolos and without a car. Do you know any way to get in public transport? Thanks before hand. 🙂

    • Iñaki Herrero

      Paula, here is the complete list of buses and tours:
      From Perivolos you will have a little complicated, the truth, you have to get to Perissa and then take the bus back to Kamari. The truth is, I do not know if you get better to take a taxi, because you are going to waste a lot of time with transport.

  • Altea

    Hi Iñaki, you have to see what you know of Santorini! It is very much appreciated to find guides like yours.
    We go 4 days complete from 21 to 25 July, we stay in Imerovigli and we have rented car. I see so many things I don't even know where to start. Do you give us any idea? Things we should not miss? (The red beach that I have clear that if, jejeje)
    Will it be difficult to park in general?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Iñaki Herrero

      Hi Altea, I start at the end: July and August parking is crazy, I'm sorry, but it is what there is ... 🙂
      As for recommendations take one day the excursion to the volcano along with the bath in the hot springs to finish the day watching the sunset in Oia and dining there, of course.
      Another day you can devote to see its main towns: Fira, Oia, Imerovigli and Pyrgos.
      And the third day you can visit the beaches: The Red Beach, Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari.
      There you have the essential, alternative options you have several described in this same website: hiking trails, ancient ruins, all depends on the profile of each traveler.
      I hope I gave you some idea.

  • Altea

    Hi IÑaki!

    Thanks a lot!
    Jo, you scared me about parking 🙁 I'm nerviosaaa!
    Any advice on this issue? Any secret parking you know? Jejeje
    To see if the end has been a mistake renting car ... 🙁

    • Iñaki Herrero

      What is crazy is going in transport pú JE. I personally prefer the quad, it gives you much more freedom and you can leave it in almost any place. Do not worry about parking, is like everything, before or after you leave anywhere ...? You'll see how in the end you spend great and do not remember the crowd!

      • Altea

        A silly question, but ... can you take the crane? Jajajaj
        The cops give a little carte blanche?
        I thought about the Quad, Cachis!

  • Alvaro Vaquero

    Hello Iñaki.
    We wanted to go to Santorni in mid-April.
    How about the weather for those dates?
    Is life very expensive there?
    Is there a ferry from Athens? And how much is it worth?
    Our idea is to go from 10 to 16 April, arriving in Athens and taking a ferry to Santorini.
    Thanks and greetings!

    • Iñaki Herrero

      Hi Álvaro, at that time normal is that you have 20-25 degrees. But it's like everything, not always time accompanies. I have come to go in September which is supposed to do very good and it was raining several days, I say no more.
      With respect to life, there is nothing cheap, for getting an idea, prices are a little lower than what you can find in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, especially in the center of Fira and Oia. If you move a little to the outdoors, the prices are clearly lowered.
      The ferry from Athens I tell you everything in this article:
      Whatever can help you, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Cuts

    Hello Iñaki.
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge of Santorini. It serves Me everything you say to organize my vacation for September. I'm going to ask you one thing and maybe it's super stupid my question but .... to go to the famous beaches (red, white, among others). Are the access roads easy or very complicated? Is that I have vertigo and if to access those beaches I have to go through narrow and elevated roads or cliffs (I get the worst lol) I see that I'm going to have a bad thing.

    • Iñaki Herrero

      JA, JA, you do well to ask, it is better to prevent.

      You are not going to find anything that you comment on, if the way to the Red Beach is a bit damned at the end, but nothing that poses a problem, I assure you. I also usually have vertigo and I had no objection.

  • Susana

    Hello, the truth is that I do not swim, but I want to get to the white beach and told me that a stretch you have to do swimming, because the boats leave you close, but not on the shore, is it true?

    • Iñaki Herrero

      Hi Susana, I think remember that the boat leaves you very close to the shore, if it is true that you have to get into the water because the boats do not reach the same beach, but not so much as to cover you and have to swim. Anyway, ask the boat before you go lest I leave you at half a distance.

      Anyway I notice that the white beach is not worth it as a place to spend a beach morning, it is OK to see and do some pictures, but little more, if you want beach where to spend a few hours, find better other of the island (Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos ...)

  • Natalia

    Hi Iñaki, do not know if you have any contact to recommend us on the island. We will visit Santorini only for a few hours: from 9 am to 6 pm that sails the cruise. I don't know if it is possible that someone native to the island would accompany us during those hours on the island. We would like to see the capital, Oia and the Red Beach (I think the most emblematic as I understood your advice and the little time we will have). If you don't know anyone, is there an economic boat that can take you to see the red Beach?

  • Iñaki Herrero

    I'm sorry Natalia but I have no one to be trusted to tell you, anyway and, as long as you take it well prepared, by the time you tell me if take a car gives you plenty to visit both the Red Beach as Oia and Fira and return to the cruise. The Red Beach has nothing, if you are not going to stay for bathing or sunbathing you will not spend almost time. And Oia looks in an hour, I assure you. So: You take the car, you start at the Red Beach in the morning, then you go to Oia, you eat again Fira and for the 5:30 you can go without problems to the cruise having seen the 3 things.

  • Emilse

    Hello Iñaki I will be in Santorini 2 days in July with my husband and my teenage daughter I should take a tour to see the volcano or you can take a boat on our own?

    • Iñaki Herrero

      You can catch the boat to the volcano on your own without any problem, the ticket for the boat is sold on many sites on the island, even in many of the same hotels on the island. You can also buy it in the same fishing port of Fira, if you leave with time you have to go down 550 steps to reach the port ...

  • Emilse

    Perfect Iñaki ... and you seem to go to the island of Thirasia ... well worth it or I revisited to do something else? ... we have 2 days there in Santorini ... which beaches are worth knowing? Because what you said before the white is not so convenient when you have little time ... what things we can not stop seeing? ... thanks

    • Iñaki Herrero

      With little time like you I stayed with the Red Beach, the volcano, Fira, Oia (Dusk/Dusk) and Pyrgos. And if you still have some time left, give a tour of the beaches of Perissa, Kamari or Perivolos. You have No time for much more ...

      • Emilse

        Thank you very much Iñaki for your suggestions! ... and I'll tell you on the way back as we were ... and if you're ever on a tour of Buenos Aires we can recommend some places for you to know ...

        • Iñaki Herrero

          Hello Emilse, what do you say you tell us the hotel in Santorini that you have chosen for your holiday? Surely if you have chosen is because you liked and this recommendation will come very well to anyone who is looking for accommodation on the island of Santorini.

  • Emilse

    Hello Iñaki we have booked at the Hotel Nautilus Dome in Fira, has breakfast included WiFi and free parking, air conditioning and private bathroom in all rooms, transfer to the airport, outdoor swimming pool and terrace with sea view ... we looked it up on TripAdvisor and saw that they had given a score of 4.5 on 5 and very good value for money ... I hope it serves those who seek accommodation

  • Litzu R

    I travel in August to Santorini and had a couple of questions if you could help me
    Book Hotel 2 days in Kamari (Blue sea – Http:// and 1 day in Fira (Villa Rose – Http:// and had planned to do the following
    Thursday: I arrive 5 am so I would go to the hotel and do Kamari in the morning, and after lunch would come to Fira-Firostefani-Imerovigli (Skaros Rock) to also see the sunset
    Friday: In the morning Akrotiri-black-red-white beach and Pyrgos
    Saturday: Morning volcano from 11 to 14 HS, and in the afternoon Oia and watch the sunset
    Sunday: Ferry to Mykonos.
    Would you combine it differently? I was thinking of using public transportation. I know it connects everything from Fira, but if I'm in Playa Blanca as serious to go to Pyrgos? should be connected in Fira? Being August I imagine there will be more frequency.
    Would it be important to get out the ferry in advance? There also comes out 66 euros santorini Mykonos?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello, the route you have raised is very complete, I did not change it. Do you know that to go to the white beach you can only go in boat/Caique from the Red Beach? As for the routes of the buses, you have them updated on the web of Ktel (Https://, most of the time you have to transfer in Fira to go from one place to another of the island.
      As for the ferries: Being August is very risky not to take out the ticket in advance, especially if you are going to Mykonos, there is a lot of tourism at this time of year.