Kamari, the classic black Pebble Beach of Santorini

Kamari Beach is one of the Most famous Santorini. Bears the name of the Villa de Kamari And its main feature is that it is a Black Pebble Beach.

This beach has changed and improved a lot since the prohibition of traffic on the coast road is now a pedestrian zone, in which hundreds of tourists roam all day. All kinds of Restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars and shops They are available in this pedestrian area by the beach.

Location of Kamari Beach

What can be found on the beach in Kamari?

Kamari is a Five-kilometer Beach, it is actually one of the longest on the island and attracts all kinds of tourists from all over the world. Of course Offers sun loungers and parasols, while the Water sports enthusiasts find a diverse range of offeringss, going from water skiing to windsurfing and pedal boats.

In addition to the sun lounger areas, you have Free and more remote areas for those who want to get naked. Numerous water sports, diving centers and various activities are located on this beach.

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Free Parasol and sun lounger

What do you think I'm kidding? Well no, on the beach of Kamari, if you consume something in the restaurants you have umbrella and sunbed completely free, take advantage of it especially if get a very hot day.

The beach of Kamari: Black sand on the island of Santorini
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