The prehistoric muser of Thera

The prehistoric village of Akrotiri It is one of the oldest and most important urban centers of the Aegean Sea, so, in terms of importance, The Museum of Prehistory Thera is considered equal to the Acropolis and the museums Vergina.

The entrance is Free Sundays from November to March and the first Sunday of each month except in July.

Location of the Thera Museum

What can we find in the prehistoric Museum of Thera?

Small but concise, well-structured, museum offers a unique time travel in the distant past of Santorini, in Greece and helps the visitor to discover, step by step, the continuity and progress of the civilization of Thera through the centuries.

Inhabited from at least the mid-fifth millennium BC, it was in the third millennium BC when Akrotiri It went from being a fishing village to a remarkable village on the coast. A few meters from the entrance of the museum, The marble figures and the standing vases we find remind us of the active role that Thera played, not only in early Cycladic civilization, but in the area of the Aegean Sea in general.

After that, the rooms next door are not going to surprise us, but it does surprise the High level of development reached in the 17th century when it became a commercial port. The village of Thera invented its own forms of measurement of the quality, ownership and provenance of commodities. Vases in standardized shapes and decorations, wide range of counterweights of balancing of lead, seals in the vessels with products coming from Crete, they all make us imagine what must have been to be a trader at that time. His appreciation of beauty becomes more evident in the mastery of art.

Mural paintings, jugs and vases and jewellery cover almost half the surface of the museum. From the moment they put their eyes on the frescoes of the ladies and the monkeys, We are overwhelmed by their rich colors, their lines, their vitality and their sense of movement. And, we are more than impressed by the shape of the clay jars, which remind birds ready to fly.

Last but not least, the Golden Goat Figurine; Their magic is reinforced by the fact that they have not discovered the function for which it was created.

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Combined entrance for several museums

You will know that there are several museums on the island of Santorini, it is possible to combine them all in a single entrance thus saving a bit of money. You can take this special entrance to see Akrotiri, the Museum of Prehistory (where are the frescoes of Akrotiri) in Fira and the old Thera.

Thera's Prehistoric Museum in Santorini
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