Arriving in Santorini by plane: Are there cheap flights?

Santorini Airport is located Located near the Town of Kamari And next to the Monolithos Beach, southeast five miles from the City of Fira.

There Regular flights from Athens through the Greek companies: Olympic AirlinesAegean Airlines and Sky Express.

If, as most of you like to travel you do not "mola" do scales, you have to know that if there are Direct flights to Santorini Especially as the spring-summer season approaches, the number of flights offered is increasing.

The Direct flights To Santorini mainly part of the Airports in Madrid and Barcelona And you've got them offered from a lot of airlines.

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Almost all international flights that land at Athens airport allow the connecting flight that connects with Santorini. The Flight time from Athens to Santorini is about 30 minutes. During The tourist station of Summer, many flights land directly at Santorini Airport from many European cities. In this period, the island of Santorini has a large number of flights planned to Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete and Thessaloniki.

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Main popular flights routes to Santorini

Athens – Santorini Barcelona – Santorini Madrid – Santorini
Bilbao – Santorini Palma de Mallorca – Santorini Mykonos – Santorini
Alicante – Santorini Málaga – Santorini Seville-Santorini
La Coruña-Santorini Ibiza-Santorini Tenerife – Santorini
Valencia – Santorini Santander – Santorini Vigo – Santorini

How do I move from Santorini airport to my accommodation?

Airport location, Santorini
Airport location, Santorini

Do not forget that many of the hotels in Santorini offer free transportation from the airport if you previously remember them.

How to move from Santorini airport by local bus

On the outside of the airport there are buses from the local company KTEL ( that take you to most of the surrounding villages. Buses pass every 30 minutes during the summer, and every hour during the winter.

Be careful with the schedules that in the morning until 7 or 7.15 not start to operate the buses.

It should be taken into account that Public buses are green, and that the other colors are tourist buses. From this direction, you can see the Online route that makes the bus from between Fira and Monolithos, passing through the airport.

Tickets are purchased from the bus driver once on board. The bus schedule is located outside the airport, just before departure and costs €1.20. If you go somewhere other than Fira Or Monolithos, take a look at the bus routes of KTEL, since you will have to transfer probably in Fira.

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How to move from Santorini airport by taxi

Taxis are available at the outside of the airport. However, during the summer months it can be quite difficult to find a free taxi. A trip to Oia It can cost about €25, and Fira, about €15. These prices are per trip, not per person. As a tip, negotiate with the taxi driver the price of the trip, that each one collects what he wants.

How to move from Santorini airport by car, moped or quad rental

Like most airports in the world, there are some car rental agencies in the airport, where you can rent from mopeds, quads or cars.

How to reach Santorini Airport (Thira) by plane
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  • Tamara

    Good morning:

    I wanted to know please, currently how much can cost me a taxi from Santorini airport to Fira, as the hotel offers us to pay €18 per way and do not know if it is better to accept or take a taxi (the haggling is not with me jejeje).

    Thanks a lot!

  • Iñaki Herrero

    Hi Tamara, do not think that the price you have given is wrong, a taxi will cost you more or less that.

    You have two ways to save costs: one, share taxi with someone who goes to Fira once you land or two, take the bus line. But I tell you that the price they offer is more or less normal.

    • Tamara

      Thank you for your answer!

  • Tamara

    Thank you very much Iñaki for your advice! 🙂

    Is that to see the price between 10-15 € for a taxi, and other forums also that transfers there are usually free if you spend more than 2 nights, did not know if they were taking advantage of us or not jejeje.

    A hug,