Climate in Santorini

The Isle of Santorini enjoys the typical moderate Mediterranean climate, with hot, sunny and dry summers, and mild and brief winters. During the summer months the average temperatures reach 34 ° of July, while winter does not fall below 9 ° of January.

The Months with precipitations It is January and February, while in months like October and March the climate remains relatively hot.

Spring and fall, the ideal months

The best time to Travel to Santorini is between April and June and from September to early November. In the summer months (July and August especially) it's very hot, while spring is the best time, it avoids the high temperatures, the turnout of visitors is lower and the accommodation is more economical. The Winter is usually little rainy and autumn is unstable.

The Spring is the best time To enjoy the sea, warmer, peaceful and cozy. The best sunsets and haze shortages that allow the days to be luminous and transparent. The colors of the Mediterranean, the light seems unreal. Perhaps the only disadvantage this time of year is that their days are slightly shorter.

Summer, the month of agglomeration

The Summer is the mixture of the previous 2, but with a lot of visitors and higher prices.

Winter, the least recommended month

The Winters, from December to March are rather cold and little predictable. It is the ideal time for a cultural trip and to make an itinerary of archaeological and scenic cutting of Greece and perhaps leave the sea for more entered the year.

The best time to travel to Greece

Spring is always a good option to travel to the Greek capital. This ensures that the weather is a nice and cool complement to visit the great number of historical places and to untrace the streets in search of the mysteries that seem to enclose, without the sweltering heat of the summer being an impediment.

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This station has the advantage that every traveler can discover the flora in its greatest splendor and the impressive colors that accompany sunsets and sunrises in Greece. Once there, it is inevitable to seek to know elements such as the Parthenon or the National Archaeological Museum.

When is the best time to go to Santorini
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  • Lucina

    Hello! I'm planning ir5 in October, that time Esat good for bathing on the beaches? Or it's not hot anymore ... and if you have data on how to get from Naples, Italy, I thank you! or from Rome!

    • Iñaki Herrero

      October is not a suitable month to enjoy a "warm" bath in Santorini, although it is ideal to visit the island and enjoy its charm due to its good weather.
      As far as I know, from Naples or Rome by boat you cannot reach directly to Santorini, the main options (ferries) you have from the ports of Bari, Ancona, Venice and Trieste.
      If you prefer the plane, from Rome there is direct connection to the island of Santorini.

  • Raúl

    Cordial greetings ... we plan to go to Santorini in November but I have read reviews that services such as hotels and restaurants are limited at that time. Will they have more information about it?

  • Raúl

    Greetings, we have planned to go to Santorini the first days of November but I have commented that services such as ferries, hotels, restaurants, etc. are limited. What information do you have about it?

  • Iñaki Herrero

    Hello Raul, Santorini is an island that today Poy lives exclusively of tourism, which makes all the resources of the island (hotels, airplanes, ferries, etc ...) focus much more on making efforts during the months of spring and summer. A very clear example of this are the ferries, the combinations between Athens and Santorini or Santorini with other islands increase very clearly in summer, not that in the rest of the year there is not, but if there are much less. It is simply a matter of number of people coming to the island, in summer you can multiply by 10 the number of inhabitants of the island.

    So the answer is yes, in November it is easy that you find more limited the number of services on the island, I later that I have been in September and it was all butt, I can not tell personal experience in November since I have not lived in first person, maybe someone who read this comment can contribute something about it.

    If you have not yet taken accommodation, I recommend that you look at the discounts on hotels at the head of the article, are You can find them in the website of booking, but believe me, it will not be easy to find them, so we put them by hand.