Currently Scuba diving is a fairly developed activity, there are several types, with assisted breathing or without the same, above the sea or in the depths of it, the most important thing of this activity are the desire and the need to find out that there is life inside the sea, and that is also shocking its beauty, that is why tourists decide the places with more marine fauna and inner beauty to be able to take advantage of any type of aquatic activity , among many of them diving.

In scuba diving There are several types of activity, Depending on the way the activity is practiced, they are the following:

"If you dive without a breathing apparatus, the term used is as its activity"Diving".

"If we speak in a more professional way in the field of sporting activities it would be called"Apnea or free diving".

"If you decide to see caves inside and you want to practise this daring and exciting activity, you can enjoy it in the Santorini Islands, in turn we to this practice"Cave".

And so a series of names of aquatic activities found in the modality of scuba diving, or rather in the exploration of a seabed.

When we talk about places, sports and relationships among themselves, we could talk about many, but in this case we will focus on one.Diving"and Place"Santorini Island".

Both words come to life when they sound together and this place is very used for this sporting activity by its tourists.

The Island Santorini They have volcanic origin, crescent shape, dark sand beaches and rocky landscapes are spectacular for the tourist, since it denotes differences with any place in the world thanks to its special shape and color island.

These islands have a great beauty and a wide range of colors and diverse fauna in their seabed, so the tourist decides to analyze it in its depths.

It is also important to have a Diving insurance For this activity depending on the practice you use with it, it has several types of options and ample coverage (death, expenses for healing, invalidity, civil liability, transfers, etc.). Don't forget to take the European Health Card Above.

-One day: that is a policy for a special day that decides to practise this activity, not having to have one for the whole year and can enjoy its activity without having to disburse a great economic contribution.

-One year: for divers who frequent this activity and that will allow them to carry out such activity with the risks that could be caused in the same insured.

In the same way, prices change according to depth, giving a more economical price to those of 40 meters of depth (3 €/day and 19.95/year) and a little higher for those of 60 (€25.55/year)

We leave you a List of the main diving centers Of the island of Santorini

Dive Center Santorini: It operates from the beach of Perissa As well as from Akrotiri With quick access to all the good sites, which can be easily accessible from the diving station on the small beach located below the cliffs of Akrotiri.
Phone: 0030 22860 83190

The Diving Volcano: Located in the Hotel Los Delfines in the center of the Kamari Beach, the center began its activity in Santorini in 1999. The diving team at the center has over 30 years of experience in training divers with various skill levels.

Mdc: The Mediterranean diving Club, with registered office in the Periss BeachTo From 1998, it is a reputed scuba diving center and serves all kinds of courses, from diving for beginners, to PADI (professional association of Advanced scuba Diving instructors in open water).

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Navys: It is a five-star PADI Center and is part of the Marina club, which also has a bar, a restaurant and a cafe with internet access. You can find it on the beach on the Village of KamarI. It offers every day snorkeling, trips and diving trips, and courses for both beginners and open sea.

Learn to dive on the island of Santorini
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