Hotel Rena Suites: Well located, with quality and good price

That's what we're all looking for when we go on vacation to a destination, right? Well that's why on one of the occasions we've been on the island of Santorini We decided to stay at this hotel in the Rena Suites.

And the truth that we did not go wrong the bet, we enjoyed a Pleasant stay, with good care, Rooms to our liking and about Great breakfast in the pool. We tell you then a little more in detail if you are thinking of choosing a stay like this for your holiday on the island of Santorini.

Prices and availability of hotel Rena Suites

Little can contribute from the blog as far as this point is concerned, We always book with, we seem to give excellent service and so far we have always been great with them.

You can see the Prices and Availability Of the rooms in the search engine that we leave below, we advise you to walk fast with reservations because This hotel (Rena´s Suites) is one of the quickest to run out of rooms, especially if you are planning to travel in the busiest period of tourism, that is, the months of July and August.

Where is the hotel Rena Suites?

Interior Hotel Renas Suites Santorini Fira
Interior Hotel Renas Suites Santorini Fira

Of course it was one of the reasons we chose this hotel. As you know almost everyone, Fira is the soul of the party in Santorini and that makes it quite noisy at night, which makes it sometimes a little expensive to be able to sleep from the first hour of the night.

The good thing about this hotel is that it is Located a movie on the outskirts From Fira, we take 5-7 minutes Walk To arrive from the hotel To the centre of Fira, with which we fulfilled two objectives: the first, to be housed near Fira and the second, to be able to sleep at night thanks to being a little on the outskirts of the city. The truth was worth the Mini night walk in order to rest our hours.

The Exact address Where the hotel is located is the street Main Street, no number, it is the street you have to catch to go from Fira to Oia if you do not want to go through Firostefani or Imerovigli.

If you arrive from the port or from the airport to the Fira bus station, you have about 10-12 minutes walk to the hotel Rena Suites. In the end it turns out that Fira is not too big and the distances run very well on foot.

Facilities of Hotel Rena Suites

Interior Hotel Renas Suites Santorini Fira
Interior Hotel Renas Suites Santorini Fira

I think this is a detail of some importance, right? 🙂 is very good that the hotel is well located, but if the Facilities Are not the Appropriate, it's not a plan to stay in it, do you think?

The hotel has the Classic appearance of cycling, that is, premium blue and white which makes it look very clean and pleasing to the view nothing more than you see it and inspires a Calm and relax environment As in few places you can find it.

The Rooms They are fine, not that they are anything special if we compared them to other hotels in the area, especially the more expensive ones, but if they have a Right size and they're clean. The beds, at least for us, were spacious, comfortable and comfortable.

The hotel has Outdoor Swimming Pool, although I personally think it stays a bit fair in size if you give all the hotel guests for bathing at the same time, although this the average size of the pool is something typical in most hotels in the area.

With regard to parking, and this is for those who rent a car, does not have its own parking but when you meet outside Fira, is Easy parking in the vicinity of the hotel (or at least it didn't cost us anything).

Services that the hotel Rena Suites has

We go now with some of the things that we found very interesting as far as hotel services are concerned.

To begin with, they offer you to go to Search the hotel for free from the bus station, which is a detail. In our case, we arrived at the port of Fira by ferry and took the bus to the bus station of Fira and there we came to pick up.

The hotel has Free WiFi, has Own restaurant and serves the Breakfast in the pool, I still remember the breakfast with toast, honey and Greek yogurt sitting on a bedside table by the pool!

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The Treatment of the staff was excellent, they helped us at any moment with any doubt, and tried hard to explain things. When you arrive We got all kinds of tourist information and maps of the area, in fact, we bought in the same hotel the ticket for the excursion by boat to the zone of the volcano.

Staying in Santorini in the heart of the city of Fira: Rena Suites
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