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Discover all that Santorini Island has to offer in Greece

The best accommodations on Santorini island

Fira (188 accommodations): Fira is Santorini’s capital and is the most important town on the island. It’s located on the west side of the island 10 km away from Santorini’s main port, Athinios.

Oia (176 accommodations): Oia is another town located on the banks of the Santorini caldera, and is a beautiful city in which the mixture of buildings creates a spectacular atmosphere.

Kamari (125 accommodations): Kamari is an example of Santorini’s touristic development, it’s full of hotels, bungalows and apartments as well as taverns, bars, pubs and cafes.

Santorini: an island full of myths and beauty

The island of Santorini in Greece is a key piece in Greece’s history, a protagonist of world-renowned legends that holds an extraordinary beauty. Not in vain is it the most touristic place in Greece. It has everything: hotels, culture and history, nature, fun and nightlife.

This Greek island is of volcanic origin, which explains its peculiar crescent moon shape and a land depression called a ‘caldera’, located under the lagoon. Due to these characteristics, it’s often related to the myth of Atlantis, the lost continent.

True luxury villages on Santorini island

The island is surrounded by beautiful hotels located right on the cliffs, which means you can stand at the edge of the island with the sea under your feet, more than 300 meters down, it’s simply amazing. In addition, from some points in Santorini (Greece), you can see nearby islands and volcanoes, and can even visit volcanos and their hot springs.

The streets of Santorini’s villages, in Greece, are reminiscent of an Eastern way of life: narrow and winding streets, the way the houses look… it’s very original. Most of the houses are whitewashed with lime but decorated in blue, which is incredibly striking.

Santorini Island nightlife parties

There are some ‘specially recommended‘ villages to go out and party in this Greek island. Given that most of Santorini’s hotels are located in Fira, this is the king of the party, and Kamari isn’t bad either. In these villages you’ll find bars and nightclubs of all kinds. The streets are flooded with fun at night.

Some beaches also stand out due to their nightlife. Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa have several beach clubs that organize the best parties in Greece.

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Blue domes dot an ocean of white facades on the edge of the volcanic stone cliffs. Santorini and its peculiar architecture looks like a postcard. Its scarce 73 km² doesn’t mean you can’t treasure its beautiful beaches and coves, ancient vineyards and some of the best hotels in the Mediterranean. Tourism is its main pillar and practically its reason for existing, since every year 1.5 million visitors are housed in their accommodations, a number that multiplies this Aegean paradise’s population by a hundred. Because Santorini island’s hotels are among the most coveted in Greece (and not by chance).

Last year the coast of Santorini hosted more than 600 boats, mostly tourist cruises, from which up to 10 thousand passengers disembarked every day. According to the Daily Mail, the frequency of these nautical “jams” has led the Greek Ministerial Council to limit docking on an island that knows how to conquer each of its visitors, especially hotel-tourism enthusiasts.

Katikies, Canaves Oia, Perivolas, Mystique and other five-star hotels can be found in the top 100 of such prestigious magazines as Travel and Leisure or Condé Nast Traveler, a reference in this sector. But Santorini, Greece isn’t Monte Carlo. This archipelago also offers accommodation that will meet the needs of saver travelers. In fact, cozy hotels are predominant, and are almost always family-run, which makes up for its limitations with a closer, more human and authentic service, an added value in every way. Of course, feeling at home is priceless, and the consumer traveler would prefer opulence – however, in this paradise, everything is compatible.

Everyone offers unique experiences, either on the beach front or higher up, on the Caldera’s edge. The hotel’s architecture matches the rest and responds to an aesthetic canon typical of the Cyclades, with whitewashed facades, labyrinthine-like streets and intensely blue domes. It’s common to find spas, whirlpools and first.class restaurants in these accommodations, ideal for relaxing and enjoying Greece.

However, Greece’s Santorini is much more than that. Its abrupt and exotic geography has nothing to envy from the Bahamas. Almost 4000 years ago, its volcano (a light version of the Krakatoa) exploded opening an underwater hole in the very heart of the island, which today is surrounded by innumerable cliffs and dark-sandy beaches. Hence its crescent “physiognomy” constitutes a tourist attraction in itself, which is complemented by several forms of leisure: volcano excursions, Akrotiri’s archaeological ruins, wine tours or dreamy sunsets in Oia, not to mention the thousands of activities that we can enjoy (hiking, diving, donkey rides, night pubs, etc.).

Thus, Santorini’s hotels offer a beautiful collage of forms, features and services, with prices for every pocket and a promise of adventure. You’ll surely see one of those places that are so full of beauty, charm and tradition, that no postcard can portray.

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